Swim Team Policies & Information

Our Purpose and Philosophy:

Have a question?  Contact swim team coordinators, Keri Sauer at sauerswim@gmail.com and Dan Krane at dan.krane@wright.edu

To provide a fun, safe environment for the Oak Creek Swim Team, where each swimmer will improve their technique and endurance; practice good sportsmanship and respect; build team spirit and engage in fair competition.

  • Volunteer Commitment – In order to continue our successful swim team program, your participation is vital.  Each family is required to volunteer in a variety of positions for a minimum of four complete meets.  (Sign-ups will be done using Sign up genius on line at www.signupgenius.com/go/20f0b4aacaa2fa94-oakcreek1 – meets will not begin if positions are not filled).
  • Concession Donations – Concession is our only fundraiser outside of our sponsors and spirit wear, and we need your help to be successful; therefore, each family is required to donate food according to the posted list for each home meet concession.  If you prefer not to donate items, a fee of $10 per home meet is payable at the time of registration.
  • Meet Events – Coaches will turn in their meet line-up (based on current vacation schedules) immediately following practice the day before the meet. Once the line-ups are in, NO CHANGES WILL BE MADE EXCEPT IN CASE OF ILLNESS OR EMERGENCY. Please notify your coach ASAP, if your vacation schedule changes to avoid challenges.  Meet events will be posted at practice on the day of the meet as well as emailed to the team roster.  Swimmers are to arrive at the meet with their hands marked (preferably with Sharpie) with their events. (See Successful Swim Meet Guidelines)


  • Head Coach – Aurora Turner (turner.346@wright.edu)
  • Assistant Coaches – Claire Leibold, Zach Merz, and Brooke Darkow

Additional Information:

  • All paperwork and fees to must be completed and paid before your child’s first practice
  • All 6 & under swimmers must be able to independently swim 12.5 meters for swim team
  • All swimmers ages 7 and above must be able to independently swim freestyle (crawl) for 25 meters.
  • Reference/Attendance Form is to ensure an accurate list of swimmer’s availability for each meet; therefore, it is very important this form be current, please contact Coach Aurora or Keri or Dan with changes
  • Check website often – Practice Cancellation due to weather will be posted at least a half an hour before practice is to begin.