Available Classes & Requirements

Group Swim Lessons

Minimum Requirements to Enter

Young Flippers

  • Must be 4 years old; we suggest private lessons for younger children
  • Must not fear water
  • Teacher to child ratio 1:3
  • Classes held primarily in roped-off shallow area


  • Must be 6 years old
  • Must be able to stand in the 3 foot
  • Must not fear water
  • Able to place head in water
  • Able to go underwater
  • Able to follow directions in a large group setting (12+ children)

Advanced Beginners

  • Has passed Beginners and/or has the skills listed below
  • Can float on front and back
  • Can swim freestyle the length of the pool (while breathing to the side)
  • Can jump in deep water and stay afloat
  • Note: Some children may be able to pass Beginners without being fully prepared for Advanced Beginners

Intermediate – May not be offered all sessions

  • Can swim 1 length each of freestyle, backstroke, and elementary backstroke
  • Can swim 20 yards under water
  • Can tread water and survival float for five minutes