Guest Rules

House guest: Anyone being entertained at and visiting in the home of a member for the day.  House guests must be registered at the front desk and shall pay $5.00 guest fee.  The $5.00 guest fee is reduced to $3.00 after 6 pm.

Non-swimming guest: Anyone attired in street clothes or non-swim wear  admitted to the pool area shall pay $3.00 guest fee.  Guests in swim wear “just going to lay in the sun” will pay the regular $5.00 guest fee.

Weekly Guests: A family who is visiting in the home of a member and is remaining for one week or less may obtain a special family rate of $35.00 per week regardless of the number in the family.

Guest Limitations:  Member children with yellow & red cards are limited to 2 guests per day.  Adult members have no limitation on the number of daily guests. Each family member is permitted ten guest privileges during the season.  The manger has authority to deny entry to any guest that has multiple entries while the guest of several different members.

Conduct of guests is the direct responsibility of the sponsoring member.

Members who are babysitting children of non-members will be required to pay the standard guest fees for those children.