Swim Team “Successful” Swim Meet Guidelines

Successful Swim Meet Guidelines

*        What to bring: swimsuit, towels, a set of dry clothes and/or warm clothes for between events; if available, extra cap and goggles in case they break;  blanket and/or folding chairs, $ for concession, snacks, drinks, entertainment (cards, DS, games, Ipod, etc.) Please label all of your belongings.

*        Hands Marked: See hand-marking sheet; all events must be marked BEFORE arrival to meet!

*        Warm-up: At home meets OC warms-up at 6:10 pm.  At other locations, please listen to announcer for warm-up time.  Check-in by 5:30 at all meets; alternates placed by 5:45.

*        Event Readiness: It is your responsibility to have your swimmer at their respective lane, three events prior to their event.  We will not have Clerk of Course or Bullpen this year until Semi’s and Finals.  However, we will have volunteers to line up Medley Relay events #1-6 and Freestyle Relay events #65-70.

*        Exhibition Event (#11X and #12X): All age 6 & under swimmers may swim in the exhibition event.  Please assist them at the lane.

*        Meet Completion: Please clean up area around you before leaving.

*        HAVE FUN!

*        See you at practice the next morning!