Rules & Information

The following rules and regulations are for the protection and benefit of all members and have been established to assure a safe and clean facility for all to enjoy.  Parents are requested to instruct children to observe all rules and obey instructions of the club managers and staff.  The General Manager is authorized to enforce and assure that all rules are observed.  Such authority has been granted by the Board of Directors pursuant to the our club by-laws.


Access to Wi-Fi is free, just ask at the office for pass code.


Membership cards identifying each member of the family household will be furnished.  Cards are non-transferable and are to be used only by the person named on the card.

When entering the pool area, membership cards will be taken from members and filed when presented to front desk staff.  Staff reserves the right to deny entry to anyone not presenting their card.  Upon leaving the pool, members are responsible for obtaining their card.

Replacement cards will be furnished only when requested by an adult member of a family at the front desk and prepayment of a $2.00 fee.

A member who permits a non-member to use his/her identification card will be subject to suspension of swimming privileges for a period of one week and/or disciplinary action as may be determined by the General Manager.


The on-duty manager has full responsibility for conduct and discipline at the pool.  Authority is delegated through the lifeguards, whose instructions must be followed or disciplinary action in the form of suspension of swimming privileges may result.

Members and guests shall drive with care in the club parking areas.

Alcoholic beverages may be brought and consumed upon club grounds; however, no glass containers of any kind are permitted in the pool area. Discretion is advised and expected.

All members and guests shall give full consideration and regard to the rights and privileges of others.


Children under the age of 9 years of age must be accompanied by parents or an authorized person 15 years of age or older.

Children 9 years of age or older may be allowed to enter the pool area alone only after passing a swimming test and obtaining a yellow card.  An emergency number must be left at the pool in the event one is necessary.  In addition, a list of pool rules and regulations will be provided to the parents to review with the child.

Use of the baby pool shall be limited to children 4 years of age and under. No metal or rigid plastic toys shall be permitted in the baby pool.  Supervision of children is the responsibility of the accompanying adult member.

WATERPROOF SWIMMING DIAPERS MANDATORY IN BOTH SWIMMING POOL and BABY POOL!  Waterproof swimming diapers are sold in the office.

No running, pushing, wrestling, or horseplay is permitted in and around the pool.

Water guns are not permitted.

Rest periods: 

  • A ten (10) minute rest period shall follow each fifty-minute period of free swimming.  Those under the age of 18 must remain one concrete block away from the perimeter of the pool.
  • Only adults over 18 yrs. of age are permitted to swim during the rest periods and babies IN ARMS of adults, no children using floaties are permitted in the pool during rest period.
  • The pool manager may give children their yellow card test during rest period.  Rest periods may be extended at the discretion of the manager.

Diving board rules:

  • Not more than one person on the diving board is permitted at a time.  All dives must be directly off the board, no sideward dives or jumps, one bounce only.
  • Diving boards have a user weight limit of 250 pounds.

Refuse must be placed in the containers provided.

Admission to the pool may be refused to anyone with obvious illness, inflamed eyes, infections, or wearing bandages.


At the discretion of the club manager, air inflated rafts, tubes, jackets, masks, toys or other swimming paraphernalia shall be allowed in the pool.

Smoking is not permitted in the pool area.

All commonly recognized rules of sanitation and safety shall be observed.

Lounge Chairs – Only adults are permitted to use lounge chairs.

Bouncing or throwing balls under the pool awning/eating area or against the building is prohibited to prevent breakage of light bulbs.

Metal baseball bats are not permitted anywhere on the pool property.


No Show Policy for Social Events:  After signing up for social events, should a Member not cancel reservations by the event’s established cut-off date, or not otherwise attend the event, the member will be held responsible for the cost of each reservation with payment due within 30 days after billing.  Any assessment not paid by the end of the swimming season will be added to the next year’s dues.


For liability purposes, the pool will NOT be kept open for scheduled parties if inclement weather has caused the pool premises to be cleared.

  • Parties must be scheduled with the Club Mgr. at least 48 hours in advance of the party.
  • No more than two parties may be scheduled during the same time period and only one party may be scheduled on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday between 5:00 pm and 6:30.
  • No parties may be scheduled on Memorial Day, July 4th or Labor Day weekends.
  • Parties may not exceed 20 people, including adults/parents providing supervision of children’s parties.
  • Grills and tables are available on a first come, first serve basis, and parties are limited to 3 tables.
  • Members are responsible for cleaning and returning Club property (grills, tables, utensils, etc.) used during the party.

All Club Rules and Regulations apply to parties, including:

  • Children must be accompanied by a parent or supervising adult unless they are 9 or older and have passed the swimming proficiency test.
  • Non-member guests shall pay the standard guest fee if swimming.
  • Non-swimming guest in street clothes shall pay $3.00 guest fee.


The courts are available Monday – Sunday, 8:00 a.m. – 9:00 p.m.  Gate keys can be purchased at the front desk for a fee of $5.00.  Flat-soled shoes are required.  Do not lean on or strike the top of the nets.

Reservations can be made by calling the pool during pool hours and can only be taken one week in advance of play date.  Play is limited to one hour per day per individual.  If the courts are not crowded, additional time may be authorized.  Walk-on time shall not be credited against a person’s reservation time.  If you have a reservation and do not show up before ten minutes past the hour, you relinquish the court.